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Pandemic Pushes Homeowners to Rethink DIY Projects

Updated: May 19, 2022

Remember all the shows on your cable TV network that you've been binge-watching between Zoom calls or streaming in the bathroom as you hide from kids during quarantine that finally convinced you to embark on a #DoItYourself home makeover within a weekend that promised to give you stunning results after the "Hollywood style big reveal" that had you screaming from your comfortable couch calling your hubby at work telling him you have the perfect weekend plan that only requires 2 visits to #HomeDepot and you guys got this!? naive... (we know that's what you're thinking)... it's okay...cry it out....

If only someone would have warned you... of the hundreds (hopefully not thousands) of dollars you would end up wasting...or the the multiple visits to Home Depot, Lowes, Ikea, and Amazon online stores you would need to access to compare materials and quality of the parts you plan to use on your project... Only if someone would have warned you that you also need the right equipment to complete the a drill with multiple batteries...measuring tape...special tools...wire strippers...Let's talk about the physical strain like the sudden onset of back pain that you've acquired through the stress and heavy lifting of loading and unloading and carrying and hauling (whew, I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about all this!)...along with the headache of working on a project that won't come out remotely close to the way you envisioned...and then let's talk about the people that are caught in the crossfire...that your poor hubby of yours' who isn't admitting the physical work was truly underestimated (just a little and that he's been popping Tylenol's behind your back to mask the pain)...and by the way your're waaaaayy over budget and your project life cycle wasn't really solid either...(but who's counting...?)

How can Hollywood produce so many shows making hardworking homeowners like you feel like you're making mistakes rather than revealing that they secretly hire actual professionals to complete the tasks behind the scenes and that the project was never a project for a DIYer?

Who does that? Why would reality TV make it seem that a project with so many moving parts and skill can be completed in a snap? That's just pure evil! Why would these TV shows mislead homeowners like you to believe the time, cost, material and skill-set is just a YouTube click away and that anyone can manage a renovation project by simply replaying the episode that convinced them to start the project from hell in the first place?

So by now, you're either making hubby sleep on the couch for not stopping you from making this costly blunder or you were in the middle of trying to calculate how much more you can take on this #DIY project from hell before you hire a professional contractor that can actually finish the project for you...

First thing, first - it's not your fault...really... it's not anyone's fault... so tell your significant other you forgive them...admit the project is out of control...and then make the right a professional...

Okay so now you have a new problem...How do you find the right professional?

Do you call around? Do you interview contractors over the phone or do you invite them to visit your home? Do you pick the first listing that appears in your Google search? Do you turn to Yelp? Do you ask your church Pastor (he wouldn't point you in the wrong direction..), do you ask your next door neighbor or do you search on Craig's List? How do you find the right person or company to finish the job you couldn't?

Don't worry, we got you covered! On Call Service Pros provides a directory of the best locally-owned-300-point-verified-best-of-the-best contractors in all major metropolitan cities! That means whether you're in the deep south trying to find a reputable contractor in Dallas or up north trying to find a great service provider in Staten Island - we have a list of vetted contractors that can help you. Our contractors know how to replace, repair and renovate. Our contractors are licensed, bonded and have clear criminal-free backgrounds that allow you to feel safe in your home. Our techs communicate, and they want to know the big picture of your final goal because they are Pros - they plan ahead and can carve out a plan based on your budget, design and comfort needs. Our network of techs will help you understand every step of the way, the level of effort required to get the job done.

Here's some statistics for you to prove that you're still as AWESOME as you were before taking on this project, and that this mishap was just the statistical inevitable...

But did you know (based on Porch and other data aggregators) that home renovations:

  • without any professional assigned to complete a tasks is 80% more likely to fail

  • for kitchens remodels results in 200% more in costs if completed by a DIYer

  • for bathrooms remodels results in 100% more in costs and introduce a future leak and property damage within 5 years of completing the project if completed by a DIYer

  • involving heavy lighting or hanging lights are not secured and will end up causing a short to your electrical wiring within 2 years of the renovation being completed if you don't hire a licensed electrician and that the average repair cost is $600 towards the preventable damage

  • 95% of DIYers install ceiling fans incorrectly which results in an average of $306 extra

  • involving exterior painting can add about $477 to the total cost of the project

  • involving flooring installation can cost about $829 extra

  • not involving any home professional to complete, provide oversight or inspect the project can lead to your home insurance company voiding your policy if critical damage is sourced to your renovation?

So trust us, the odds were not in your favor when you took on the project....the odds were never in your favor to complete the project on-time, within budget and with the highest quality standard.....but we have a solution....

Request your list of trusted professionals so you can feel great about your home again - and this time the odds will be in your favor! Email OR visit our Pro Leader Board

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