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On Call Service Pros was founded by David & Irum Jones of Electrician On Call, the duo behind one of Dallas's highest-ranking Electrical and HVAC company that has serviced over a million homes including rental properties, single-family, and new construction homes. 

Since the inception of Electrician On Call, David Jones has personally trained technicians to be highly skilled, thorough, and focused to resolve issues. He believed strongly in keeping the customer informed throughout the service call to ensure they had a worry-free experience. With David focusing on the technical aspects of home services & construction, Irum created back-end processes to efficiently manage, educate, follow-up, recommend and help customers receive the best customer service experience possible - all without using scare-tactics or upselling methods. David and Irum believed strongly in providing quality service with the highest level of integrity and by placing the customer first 100% of the time. 

As Electrician On Call started receiving numerous awards for their customer service, quality workmanship and excellent end-user experience  - more & more customers demanded we give them a list of other reputable trade contacts to help with another improvement and repair services. We knew we had to do help our customers, and that's when our team created a 300 point assessment process to verify that we were recommended the best or the best to our customers. Not only was our list helping to refer customers to support local companies, but our customers were also saving money by hiring the right person to do the job right the first time.


Soon word spread that our connection of contractors was very reliable, and entire facility management companies relied on our team for referrals. Although our electrical and HVAC requests are still handled 100% in-house all other requests for plumbing, roofing, handyman, relocation, remodeling, restoration services, and more were referred to our network.  Our in-house directory has helped thousands of customers stay connected with top-notch contractors we've connected with over 20 years of solid partnerships. We only trust highly rated contractors based on this mutual trust and 100% money-back guarantee. Our 300 - point rigorous assessment is performed on 100% of all contractors within our network annually. This helps reassure all contractors within the network that we are consistent in our performance. In the event, a contractor falls short of our criteria they are paired up with a business coach and trades mentor to help them get back on track. Our network of Pros-only identified locally owned companies that prioritize on workmanship, quality and care.  


Fast-forward to the present day, with the rise of Home Warranty networks, "Pay to Play" networks that devalue the trades, and General Contractors that don't verify their subcontractors, we felt that more than ever that we needed to dedicate an entire department to help our customers find the best possible contractors in the area while helping our contractors build a reliable network of Pros in their area. The On Call Service Pros network rewards contractors that are doing a great job by giving them free access to be listed in our directory of the top 1% contractors in the area because we know they have worked very hard to create an environment of trust, respect, quality and value.


Who uses our network directory list of referrals? Other Subcontractors, Technical Schools, Other Trades Contractors, General Contractors, Builders, Home Warranty Companies, Facility Managers, Realtors, Brokers, Property Investors, Developers, and Home Owners.

Thanks for visiting our page, and if your business has a 4.0 higher ranking we hope you'll join our network of trusted contractors. 

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