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10 Reasons to Pick From our list of Certified On Call Service Pros

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

A home repair or any home project is one of the most stressful adventures that any homeowner can experience.

First it's the trust issue - who do you trust to come into your home that will have your best interest and share your vision?

Then it's the budgeting issue - are you worried you're going to get ripped-off or maybe excessive selling tactics to scare you into a purchase you're going to regret?

Then it's verifying they will honor their commitments for warranty by actually submitting warranty on large products.

The list goes on and on, and the lack of trust results in homeowners conducting hours of research to find the best company for the job...

So, take a deep breathe and exhale the anxiety away, and learn about why #OnCallServicePros can actually give you a hassle - free experience with the Pros in our network based on:

1) On Call Service Pros is a locally-owned Home Service Provider with in-house services like electrical, heating, cooling and air (Electrician On Call) which has provided over 20 years of service in one of the largest, most saturated electrical and HVAC cities in the nation - Dallas. This 5 star service operates without using any sales tactics or commissioned techs. They proved time and time again that great workmanship is the key to happy customers. The same best-practices founded by our small business is the same commitment we hold other verified local businesses to adhere to. With team members recognized by Dallas Business Journal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we hold our network of 10,000 locally-owned service professionals to a high standard that anyone can trust.

2) You are truly making a commitment to #SupportLocal by booking directly with Certified On Call Service Pros. None of the businesses in our network are franchised. The businesses listed are locally - owned and the families here are those that live and service your local community.

3) All Home Service Pros listed in our network are verified through our rigorous 300 point assessment. Local partners like Better Business Bureau, Housecall Pro Super Pro program, and the local Chamber of Commerce add an extra level of verification to our list.

4) We offer 100% money-back guarantee to all services. Our network consists of Home Service Professionals that love and honor their workmanship. They are proud of the work they complete and they appreciate getting paid in smiles. How does it feel knowing the other person is focused on making sure you have the best experience possible?

5) You can't pay to play with On Call Service Pros. That means our Home Service Pros are invited to participate based on their workmanship, quality and overall customer satisfaction rating. That is why our Pros have an affordable membership to be listed on our network. Pros that were unable to pass our rigorous criteria pay more so they can be mentored and learn how to become more customer focused and improve the equality of their workmanship.

Pros that were unable to meet the criteria to become On Call Service Pros must enroll in a year-long program AND retake the assessment to score 300% while participating in community improvement efforts before they are listed and endorsed by On Call Service Pros.

6) We believe in social responsibility by encouraging and requiring all On Call Service Pros participate in community improvement efforts with local non-profits and local community-based organizations like Tools & Technology Trailblazers.

7) We have your best interest at heart. We promise to never upsell you, only to advise you on options.

8) We put EVERYTHING in writing (electrical writing that is)! Yes, we stand by our word

and you will receive every single touch point, receipt, diagnosis report in writing.

9) We check in on you, before, during and after the service is completed. I know it sounds a little excessive - but home repairs and improvements are stressful. We want to make sure your questions or any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

10) No regrets. Seriously - the only regret you'll have is not taking our recommendation.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our list of approved and certified On Call Service Pros and hire your next Pro today!

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