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Why do you need a Chief Social Impact Officer? 

A Cheif Social Impact Officer (CSIO) is an extension of your team that builds partnerships with local area non-profits, schools, community-based organizations & civic offices to drive awareness, support and community improvement events through your business without disrupting your business model.


Your CSIO also:

  • saves you time by representing your company to local non-profits to form partnerships 
  • assesses, evaluates & implements local causes to support your company's mission & value 
  • sets an annual strategy to help drive customer engagement through community improvement initiatives
  • is an advisory position with a remote resource that can self-manage the project from start to finish OR pull in your team to coordinate joint efforts
  • prevents your organization from negative branding issues 
  • provides an easy-to-follow plan to keep your company engaged in community efforts 
  • provides a list of local resources for your employees & customers 
  • writes process, communication, and connection points for a successful social giving campaign 
  • month - to - month  

Hire a Remote Chief Social Impact Officer

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