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Why do you need a Chief Operating Officer? 

A Cheif Operating Officer (COO) is an extension of your team that builds provides operational support to run your business effectivly, efficiently and profeitably. The Cheif Operations Officer manages back-end processes, customer experiences and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all employee roles. The Cheif Operating Officer's goal is to manage the daily operations of the business. 


Your COO also:

  • saves you time by providing solutions to your toughest operational issues 
  • assesses, evaluates & implements procedures and training to support your company's mission & value 
  • sets an annual strategy to help drive customer engagement through employee roles, duties and interactions 
  • is an advisory position with a remote resource that can self-manage your toughest operational issues from start to finish OR pull in your team to coordinate joint efforts
  • prevents your organization from losing time, money and resources  
  • provides an easy-to-follow plan to keep your company on track
  • provides a prioritized list of issues to address that will improve customer and employee retention  
  • writes processes, procedures, workflows to help manage day-to-day business
  • evaluates technology and provides a cost-benefit analysis and reccomends the right technical solutions for your business 
  • month - to - month  contract 


Your Cheif Operating Officer is available 6 AM - 6 PM CST, Monday - Fridays including Holidays and spends an average of 20 hours a month dedicated to your business 

Hire a Remote Chief Operating Officer

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